Upon completing his education on graphic design, the artist has worked as an art director for independent and corporate advertising agencies for nearly 15 years. Concurrently, the artist has worked for many brands and advertising agencies as an independent illustrator. The artist has participated in eight exhibitions including two solo exhibitions as well as winning more than 20 awards for his accomplishments in graphic design and advertising. The artist has moved to New York in 2013, and continues his work as an independent illustrator. 


2016 - Illustration Vol:1 (Group Exhibition) // Karbon Gallery, Istanbul / Turkey

2014 - Istanbul Coffee Festival (Group Exhibition) // Milk Gallery, Istanbul / Turkey

2014 - Les Escales World Music Festival - Video Art (Group Exhibition) // Saint-Nazaire / France

2014 - On The Street Of NYC (Solo Exhibition) // New York / USA

2011 - Stars of Istanbul - Sculpture Painting (Group Exhibition) // UNICEF, Istanbul / Turkey

2010 - L’Art Sans Frontières (Group Exhibition) // Paris / France

2009 – Unconstitutional (Solo Exhibition) // Milk Gallery, Istanbul / Turkey

2008 - 8th international Tulip Festival Istanbul - Sculpture Painting (Group Exhibition) // Istanbul / Turkey

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